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What To Expect

Initial Consultation

This is a 50-Minute sit down and opportunity for us to get to know each other. I will ask a series of lifestyle questions to understand where you are currently at, what your personal goals are and help pin-point how I can empower you to get there. Understanding your psychology and motivation is just as important as understanding your goals with training. From here we will perform a fitness assessment where we test body composition (body fat, circumference measurements) to let you know where you are currently at.

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Training Model

A Mechanics Based Approach...

Our training is based off of the objective realities your individual mechanics will present. The broad term is EXERCISE MECHANICS which is a combination of:

Our navigation system is a thought process I learned from Tom Purvis during my initial studies in Oklahoma for the Resistance Training Specialist Mastery curriculum. This process is called W.G.H.O.T.


This is NOT a demographic. It is a collection of your personal history we go over in your consultation.


Everything we do is built off of your individual goal NOT mine. I am here to serve you in search of your goal with the most pertinent tools.


What do you have available in your joint positions and motions? Some call this “mobility” and others call it “flexibility”, the sound bite driven fitness industry has a tendency to oversimplify issues and you often hear that lack of joint positions/motion is ONLY due to “tight” muscle which is a gross assumption that deserves to be explored. Before I build each exercise to your needs we will test what you have available for our specific motion, that particular session. Realize every workout, every set, every rep – is an assessment/exploration. There should be no pre-determined range of motion sound bites in PROFESSIONAL exercise coaching.


We will only load what you can possess control and ownership over. Muscles only improve when forces reach them. Sloppy execution can damage contact surfaces, passive tissues, and decrease the health benefits of exercise – despite being hard or making you sweat. Realize exercise is more than just burning calories. We have a MAJOR responsibility when loading the body, there is a lot to consider when LONG-TERM health and wellness is the goal. Orthopedic damage that produces osteoarthritis is not done in one session, it’s many workouts and years of improper loading. For this reason we will methodically load each exercise understanding our goal of the exercise and explore how to produce the highest quality muscular contraction possible. All while taking joint forces into consideration and what might be going on at the joint, under the skin. Whether exercising for larger, stronger muscles, a leaner body, or using a scaled back routine to increase force tolerance post injury (or other limitations), demonstrating ownership of your exercises is vital under my care and will be taught to you.


Communicating throughout your training is mandatory. We will constantly be adjusting your current exercise program based off tolerance to forces. Some of my clients are NEVER sore because they have injuries and we are working underneath their tolerance threshold. Others might be sore post workout if they have more physical enhancement goals and/or enjoy slight soreness. We will be modulating our program based off your current needs through examining pre, intra, and post workout tolerance. This is vital for understanding where your current tissue tolerance is to forces and how we can best nudge it forward to produce the long lasting change you want to see!

Everything must be customized to your individual mechanical needs. We can use the objective filter of applying mechanics to your workouts. I will build exercises around you as opposed to cramming you into an exercise just because the rest of the world says it’s good. Nothing is automatic!

Our training will be custom-fit and client-defined (RTS).


A healthy cardiovascular system is vital for health. To lose body fat, gain muscle, and live a life with health abundance we need some form of what the world calls “cardio”.


Using our W.G.H.O.T. thought process I will then prescribe you a cardiovascular activity program. This could be as simple as a mandatory step tracker or actual higher effort anaerobic workouts.


In most cases a simple education on the importance of what’s known as N.E.A.T. (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) will lay the foundation for your cardio plan.

Nutrition Model

Scientists agree that inflammation is the starting point for all disease. Which is a bold, confronting statement. For this reason we look at what causes inflammation: food and stress.


Now these 2 categories can get much deeper but for teaching purposes we are oversimplifying for a second.


When we get inflammation down through our nutrition strategies we lose excess water that’s causing physiological stress. Then we can burn fat and resensitize the body to the effects of insulin.


You have 5 hormones that can increase blood glucose: Epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine, cortisol, glucagon, and growth hormone. You have 1 hormone that decreases blood glucose to healthy levels: insulin.


Career stress, relationship stress, exercise stress (over applied) can all effect blood sugar without ever eating a calorie. So what is obesity? A calorie issue or a hormonal issue?


1/3 of the US population has Type 2 diabetes which is ever growing. Type 2 diabetes is in when your body becomes resistant to the nutrient shuttling effects of insulin.


The term “DIABESITY” is now being used by healthcare professionals like Dr. Jason Fung, author of The Obesity Code, which is describes how obesity and Type 2 diabetes (insulin resistance) go together. Being overweight is a symptom of insulin resistance.


Taking care of insulin, as well as eating an anti-inflammatory diet is critical for long-term health. We will examine each system through medical screening questionnaires as well as regular check-ups to see how progress is. We don’t just look at are you loosing weight or gaining muscle.



We want to create a program designed to increase the health and function of your:

Gut / Digestion

Blood Sugar



Each of these systems need to function together to keep your body burning fat, building muscle, and providing you with the energy you need to live a healthy life.


I have many certifications and course completions (see in ABOUT section) in the field of nutrition but it comes down to thought process and what you currently need. I can create detailed calorie-macro based plans for you or simply educate you on food selection and help you find options that restore your neuroregulatory signals which provide the same benefit.


As listed in the nutrition model section above you now know that stress (production of epinephrine, cortisol etc) can increase your blood glucose.

Becoming a healthy, fit human-being is a full-package deal. You must also look at lifestyle. With that said we will look at how to create more mindfulness in your life to balance stress which provides less inflammation, improves digestion, increases recovery, and provides better sleep.



Stress Management


Clients are expected to make 6 or 12 month commitments to JRF personal training to allow enough time to properly assess, correct and progress through training phases to see desired results. A real transformation is not a short process, which unfortunately advertising often lies to us about. If you really want to do this the right way commit and invest some time into yourself. 1-3 months physical progress can be slow as you are learning technique, mechanics and new skills. Investing in personal training with me for 6-12 months will allow us enough time to set you up for long term success and see the fruits of your labor come to fruition. 6-12 month PAID IN FULL packages will be discounted to those that want to invest and front load sessions.

I trained with John Reed for 3 years! He knows so much about fitness and nutrition. Whenever I was about to give up he was there to lean on. He became a dear friend. I am so glad I trained with him. Last year I was training for a triathlon and he came to support me. He goes above and beyond for his clients. He truly cares about his clients. I 100% recommend John Reed to be your trainer. He loves the fitness industry and it shows by his knowledge of the industry and how he treats his clients.

Tessa Tebbs


*Options are available on a per-client basis.











important things

I specialize in building exercises around clients individual needs using an objective, mechanics based approach. To do this I take into account the complexities of joint mechanics, muscle mechanics, and resistance mechanics to provide the best exercises per client. Custom-Fit exercise.

Yes I am educated in many different aspects of nutrition and have earned four nutritional certifications. I will help you find a plan that is best suited to your current needs. We will explore metabolic health by understanding blood sugar, thyroid function, adrenal function, and digestive (gut) function. When we improve the health of these systems the body can take to external goals such as “fat loss” much better.

Our consult is a sit-down session where we can get to know each other and talk about your history, goals, and I can explain my thought-process and how we can devise a plan to get to your goals as quickly as possible. This session is not a workout session so exercise clothes are not mandatory. It is extremely important for me to spend some time learning about your background before beginning training. Remember, everything we do is based of your goal!

With parental/guardian consent I have trained younger demographics as young as 14. Anytime is a good time to learn resistance training. However it is absolutely essential to dose exercise correctly and understand the vast responsibility that comes with putting forces through the body. Youth training should be done with a professional.

There is a 6-12 month commitment that is needed from every new client although legal contracts are not involved.

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