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Over the last 10 years and thousands of hours of in-person training helping hundreds of REAL-LIFE folks I’ve been dreaming, thinking, and testing how to best serve the online world of health coaching. I am confident to say I HAVE FOUND IT!

Welcome to The School Of Shred Online Health Academy. We are not bound by location, social distancing, or lack of quality.

The School of Shred is an immersive holistic health coaching experience that shepherds you through an educational process to relearn and rediscover health in a busy, confusing world.

Our curriculum is designed for the everyday professional looking to adopt the last diet and exercise program they will ever need by simply guiding you to make more educated decisions. Decisions made out of your new found intellect and not because you were told.


Tessa T.
Tessa T.Mesa, AZ
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I trained with John Reed for 3 years! He knows so much about fitness and nutrition. Whenever I was about to give up he was there to lean on. He became a dear friend. I am so glad I trained with him.
Kevin P.
Kevin P.Bellevue, WA
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He was able to help me loose two belt holes, put on 8# of muscle and get into the mid-teens body fat. Most importantly I now have the knowledge & discipline to continue training on my own. Thank you John, you're the Best.
Hayley J.
Hayley J.Kirkland, WA
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John is an excellent trainer. I don't have a lot of extra time in my life - I have a demanding job and two small children - so I was specifically looking for the most efficient, customized training for me to achieve my goals. I wanted to lose weight and tone up, but more importantly to gain energy and strength to be able to keep up with my kids, and feel like I own my body again. I've achieved that and more with John's approach to training. He's always working to learn more about fitness and share that knowledge with his clients

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Training Model

Module 1: SPIRIT

In this curriculum we will nourish your mental and spiritual health.

Assignments that improve mindset, mindfulness living, and gratitude will be explored. This curriculum is where we improve both your visual and auditory diet.

Module 2: HABITAT

In this curriculum you will be tasked with various assignments that will help you detox your home, office, transportation. This is the environmental health module at the school.

Module 3: RECOVERY

As you progress through our Recovery curriculum you will learn and implement some of the most potent natural ways to recovery your body to increase your fat burning potential and create more overall wellness inside your life.

Module 4: EXERCISE

Each week you are in school you will gain access to 2 NEW at-home workout classes. It’s as easy as opening your computer or phone and following along with me. Exercise prescription will be continually customized to your needs through our live meetings. Daily movement and cardio needs will also be prescribed! Everything you need for a fit, healthy body full of energy – ALL FROM HOME! All experience levels encouraged.

Module 5: DIET

A large focus at the school is on relearning what we think of as healthy nutrition. We will rediscover potent ancestral practices to equip you with the tools to reduce inflammation, disease-risk, and body fat. Through these assignments you will learn how to affect the change you have been looking for on your own.


Our classes provide one quarter of health education to each client at a time, each quarter and tuition billing cycle for at the school is 90-days.

I trained with John Reed for 3 years! He knows so much about fitness and nutrition. Whenever I was about to give up he was there to lean on. He became a dear friend. I am so glad I trained with him. Last year I was training for a triathlon and he came to support me. He goes above and beyond for his clients. He truly cares about his clients. I 100% recommend John Reed to be your trainer. He loves the fitness industry and it shows by his knowledge of the industry and how he treats his clients.

Tessa Tebbs

important things

Yes, men and women of all experience levels welcome! You will be apart of weekly LIVE classes and daily Q&A sessions in which we can adjust your program as needed while you progress through the rest of the curriculum.

These workout classes are 100% at-home with no equipment in the beginning. Eventually you will be asked to purchase some resistance bands as well as some other options but that is several months into the program.

You are billed every three months (90 days). We operate on a quarterly basis.

The nature of our relationship is very personalized. You will have a chance DAILY to get answers to your questions from me through our class chat page. I go live on video everyday to provide you with value daily. We can trouble shoot from our class chatroom.

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