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Fill out the form carefully for consideration. Thank you for your interest in my customized training services. Before you begin your application please consider your level of seriousness. In order to maintain high standards and provide you with an ELITE level of service I only take serious and committed clientele. Hiring a specialist is not cheap and you will be asked to invest $297-$1997 per month into yourself depending on the package you choose—paid in full options may be available for discount. In addition to this a 6-12 month commitment will be required to start training—as results may take time. As an exercise professional I also need to put you through a thorough health screening before we can begin. My ELITE coaching will appropriately guide you through a custom-fit exercise process, dietary strategies, and stress management tactics in order to help you overcome your current challenges should we be qualified to work together. If you are ready to radically improve in the next 6-12 months and build more ENERGY, POWER, and PRODUCTION into your life please continue and I look forward to meeting you.

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Excited to unite for shared fitness goals with us?