Covid-19 Safety Solutions


Providing a clean & safe environment

As a personal trainer in Bellevue Washington for ten years and small business owner for five of those I’ve adapted to uncertainty. Building a successful business is an uncertain journey. The only comfort one can obtain from uncertainty is having a strong belief system which can spark a new plan and help develop a new code of conduct–something I’ve done to ensure my clients safety during these times.


My belief? That we can all come out of this crisis stronger, healthier, and more resilient than before. I am committed to servant leadership in this community to help those who want to make a healthy change.


When covid-19 broke out earlier this year something happened that was completely outside of my control. The world shut down. Fear rattled the community and I could not operate my business. For several months. As an exercise specialist with the skill-set to help the highly compromised, often older population, I’ve watched my business dip as our country scrambles to get on top of this pandemic. Some of my longtime clients I’ve called my “lifers” of nearly 10 years are riding this pandemic out at home. Not under my care in the gym. Which creates adversity for me as a small business owner.


In life there is only one thing that matters when misfortune strikes: how you react. I chose to react with a positive and optimistic mindset. A positive mental attitude The secret weapon to surviving misfortune or temporary defeat. The Covid-19 pandemic is certainly a temporary defeat for all of us.


How do YOU choose to react?


A strict health program has never been more IMPORTANT to the public as it is now. It was already important with 1 in every 3 Americans having metabolic syndrome (diabetes and pre-diabetes) and 800,000 annual deaths due to heart disease. We cannot afford to not participate in better health practices right now. Building a strong immune system is done through all of the benefits you receive from exercising, eating a healthy diet, and focusing on your recovery (stress management, sleep – etc). All part of what I teach my clients to do!


Lack of physical activity, avoiding contact with ALL bacteria, and eating processed, refined foods all impair a healthy immune system. These three issues are likely to be exacerbated when spending excessive time at home and being out of your normal routine of going to the gym. These points are critical to acknowledge.


With that said, there are some real concerns with Covid-19 about not spreading or contracting it. Right now safety is my number one priority. Since my facility has reopened my client’s safety is something I am working daily to ensure. To provide you with a clean and safe exercise environment.


Although the gym in Bellevue Washington that I operate my personal training practice out of has always provided cleaning supplies to members and maintained a respectable level of cleanliness (as is standard practice in gyms), we are stepping up even more to ensure our customers have a clean and safe environment to BUILD their bodies, health, and immune systems with.

HOW we are ensuring your safety

During my hours of operation the facility has experienced very low foot traffic. Based on our square footage-to-occupant ratio our gym has not even come close to the upper limit. What this means for you is that you will be able to workout in a safe environment.


When each session starts I make sure to check-in with my clients and confirm they are comfortable with the environment before starting. I have some clients that are very concerned with other members being too close while other clients of mine are not so concerned. Both types of client receive respect and customized programs. Customized to utilize other parts of the gym if needed. We have a great facility with lots of space that offers us a wide variety of options.


>>> Call today to set up your FREE one-on-one fitness consultation and see how we are leading the way for safety during the Covid-19 pandemic.

To your success,

    John Reed

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